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30 August 2018

Lance Appleton - I've got my feet on the Rock

I've Got My Feet On the Rock
By: Lance Appleton

Chorus 1:

I’ve got my feet on the rock

I’ve got my name on the roll

I’ve got Jesus in my heart

And salvation in my soul

And it’s a long road

Yes, it’s a long road

Well it might be a long road

But I’ll make it to the city some day

Chorus 2:

You’ve just got to get your feet on the rock

Your name on the roll

Get Jesus in your heart

And salvation in your soul

It’s a long road

Yes it’s a long road

Well it might be a long road

But you’ll make it to that city some day

Verse 1:
Now, don’t tell me no story about reincarnation

I’ve never seen a holy cow look anything like my Lord

There’s just one rebirth and there ain’t no imitation

Yes, you can have it today, it doesn’t matter who you are

Verse 2:

Now don’t tell me no story about Salt Lake City

Yes, they’ve got a great choir, but listen that is not the place
The place of my salvation is just outside Jerusalem

And there’s more than just a lake, there’s oceans of His saving grace

Verse 3:

Now don’t tell me about no guru flying in to spread wisdom

With his divine life and his divine jet engine too

My sins were not washed away by no maharishi

There’s only one gate, there’s only one way to get through


09 May 2018

Lance Appleton - Can't Kill the Preacher

The late psalmist and songwriter, Lance Appleton, singing "Can't Kill the Preacher."

Alternate Link: "Can't Kill the Preacher"


Downloads (mp3):
Lance Appleton wrote this song and it was then posted online by his son Eric. I discovered it online in 2006.

27 April 2018

Joseph A. Alexander - The Hidden Line

The Hidden Line (The Destiny of Men)
By: Joseph Addison Alexander (1809-1860)

There is a time, we know not when,
A point we know not where,
That marks the destiny of men
To glory or despair.

There is a line by us unseen,
That crosses every path;
The hidden boundary between
God’s patience and his wrath.

To pass that limit is to die–
To die as if by stealth;
It does not quench the beaming eye
Or pale the glow of health.

The conscience may be still at ease,
The spirit lithe and gay;
That which pleases still may please,
And care be thrust away

But on that forehead God has set,
Indelibly a mark
Unseen by men, for men as yet
Are blind and in the dark

And yet doomed man’s path below
May bloom as Eden bloomed;
He did not, does not, will not know,
Or feel that he is doomed

He knows, he feels that all is well,
And every fear is calmed;
He lives, he dies, he wakes in hell,
Not only doomed, but damned.

Oh, where is this mysterious bourn
By which our path is crossed;
Beyond which God himself hath sworn,
That he who goes is lost.

How far may we go on in sin?
How long will God forbear?
Where does hope end, and where begin
The confines of despair?

An answer from the skies is sent,
"Ye that from God depart,
While it is called today, repent,
And harden not your heart."

31 January 2018