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25 December 2015

Bishop Norman L. Wagner - The Night Before the End

Bishop Norman L. Wagner preaching to the 1987 Because of the Times conference in Alexandria, Louisiana, and introduced by Rev. N. A. Urshan. 

Sermon Title: "The Night Before the End."

26 October 2015

Pamphlets from Oneness Pentecostal Writers (Part 7)

This seventh installment on the topic of Pamphlets from Oneness Pentecostal Writers covers this awesome gem.

Title: Water Baptism
Author: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Year: n.d.
Description: about water baptism in Jesus' name and how it was historically changed by the Roman Catholic Church 300 years after Christ ascended to Heaven to accomodate the heresy of the trinity. 

Page 1: 

Page 2: 

Page 3: 

Page 4:

Pamphlets from Oneness Pentecostal Writers: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

18 October 2015

J. T. Pugh - God's Care For Desolation

The inimitable J. T. Pugh preaching "God's Care for Desolation" to the attendees of the Because of the Times (BOTT) conference in 2001.

In the message he quotes Haskell Yadon, who wrote that there are some great dangers that in time might face a nation:
  1. Wealth without work.
  2. Education without humility.
  3. Worship without truth and sacrifice.

06 September 2015

Bishop Morris E. Golder - The Power of the Blood

Bishop Morris E. Golder, of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, preaching in 1984 to the congregants of Grace Apostolic Church (Indianapolis, IN) "The Power of the Blood" beginning at 9:34.

29 May 2015

Bishop James A. Johnson - The Major Mission of Jesus

The Major Mission of Jesus (Part 1):

In the late 1990s I met Bishop James A. Johnson, and that time was for me a decidedly important moment in my life. I could write about the sermons he preached in my home church back then, but I just wanted to recognize this great man of God who has gone on to meet his eternal reward. Godspeed, Bishop Johnson.

I chose to post this sermon because it is Bishop Johnson at his best, which was talking about the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Major Mission of Jesus (Part 2):

"It isn't the worst thing in the world to be poor. The worst thing in the world is to be a sinner dying and going to Hell -- that's the worst thing." -Bishop James A. Johnson



29 March 2015

He Rose - ALC Adult Choir

Easter is next Sunday and with that in mind I wanted to post one of my favorite Deluge songs covered by the Apostolic Life Cathedral Adult Choir (Huntington, WV) on Easter in 2013, with soloist J. Bruce Wright: He Rose.

20 March 2015

Bishop E. S. Harper - Will the Church Come Together in the 21st Century

Bishop Edwin S. Harper, pastor of Apostolic Life Cathedral (Huntington, WV), preaching during the 2015 International Apostolic Fellowship (IAF) Conference (March 4-6, 2015) in Pigeon Forge, TN, a powerful message entitled: (MP3) Will the Church Come Together in the 21st Century?


25 January 2015

Down from His Glory - William E. Booth-Clibborn

William Booth-Clibborn wrote these powerful lyrics in 1921 and set the tune to O Sole Mio (written by Edwardo Di Capua). 

This is one of my favorite songs with regard to the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ:

William E. Booth-Clibborn (1893-1969)

[E major]

Verse 1:

Down from His glory, Ever living story, My God and Savior came,  And Jesus was His name.

Born in a manger, To His own a stranger, A Man of sorrows, tears and agony.



O how I love Him! How I adore Him! My breath, my sunshine, my all in all!

The great Creator became my Savior, And all God’s fulness dwelleth in Him.


Verse 2:

What condescension, Bringing us redemption; That in the dead of night, Not one faint hope in sight,

God, gracious, tender, Laid aside His splendor, Stooping to woo, to win, to save my soul.


Verse 3:

Without reluctance, Flesh and blood His substance He took the form of man, Revealed the hidden plan.

O glorious myst’ry, Sacrifice of Calv’ry, And now I know Thou art the great “I AM.”

03 January 2015

J T Pugh - Justified By Faith

This journey we're on is a faith walk, not a works walk. I know that our faith will produce obedience to God's  Word, but to say that my salvation will be the result of my own goodness is a lie, or that my guilt can assuaged by good deeds. No, It is only by the redemption of Jesus Christ (He paid the price for my sin, my guilt, my salvation) and my faith in Him that I can live free from the pangs of guilt. 

Hear J T Pugh as he talks about the subject of being Justified By Faith

In 2015, stop living below your position in Jesus Christ.