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16 February 2007

C. P. Kilgore's "Wheel of Prophecy"

This wheel is a wonderful tool used in studying the question "Who is God?" It reminds me of the old question, "Is Jesus in the Godhead, or is the Godhead in Jesus?" Truly, I am thankful for men like C. P. Kilgore who came before me and sacrificed their lives for the cause of Christ and the furthering of the Kingdom of God.


David Martin said...

Brother, This wheel is good stuff. I am also thankful for the ones who came before, who shared their revelations, who followed the teachings of Christ to be teachers.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Love this Wheel. I met a guy who studied all the New Testament, and Explained to me he knew every angle to it. He claimed Jesus was god, but not in certain areas. I explained to him Jesus is all God or not God at all. I told him let the Scriptures Reveal the Truth to you, not me (Flesh and Blood) . I gave him this Track and he never came back. I know most people who are proud of their wisdom will always never admit they are wrong. So they will hid and not want to be found. Which is good for me because I know the Word Of God corrects them, not me….. Thanks for the WHEEL OF PROPHECY.

Praxeas1972 said...

I'm glad you like C. P. Kilgore's Wheel of Prophecy, it has consistently been one of the pages that gets weekly visits since I posted it in 2007.

Everybody ought to know who Jesus is! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time research and sharing your wheel of prophecy wheel!!! God Bless you in the Holy Ghost!

Jean Buxton said...

I think it is wonderful to see the TRUTH where others can see it.
Yet I am unable to find C.P. Kilgore's version translated in Spanish.
Due to my work I run into ALOT of Spanish speaking & reading people.
My husband is of Spanish decent, and he would love to be able to use the wheel to witness too!
Where can I locate the Wheel of Prophecy in Spanish.