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15 June 2013

Pamphlets from Oneness Pentecostal Writers (Part 5)

Here are some more pamphlets from the grandparents' library. 

Title: Establishing A New Assembly
Publisher:  General Home Missions Dept. - United Pentecostal Church
Year: n.d.
Description: This handbook was written when J. T. Pugh was director of the General Home Missions Dept. (way before they changed it to North American Missions)

Title: The Resurrection of the Dead
Author: G. T. Haywood
Publisher: Christ Temple (Indianapolis, IN)
Year: n.d.
Description: Haywood's theology regarding the coming of the Lord and the resurrection of the dead. 

Title: Judicial Procedure (revised)
Publisher: United Pentecostal Church
Year: 1973
Description: The steps and procedures available to a minister of the UPC. 

Title: Marriage and Divorce
Author: W. T. Witherspoon
Publisher: Apostolic Bible Publishers (Portland, OR)
Year: n.d.
Description: deals with the issue of marriage and divorce and remarriage of a believer pre-conversion and post-conversion. 

Title: Unconditional Eternal Security - fact or fable?
Author: J. E. Gray
Publisher: Word Aflame Press (Hazelwood, MO) 
Year: 1977
Description: deals with erroneous teaching known as unconditional eternal security, or once saved always saved. 

06 June 2013

Pamphlets from Oneness Pentecostal Writers (Part 4)

I somehow missed posting a blog entry in May.

However, I'm back in South Bend, IN, and once again looking through my grandparent's library full of Oneness Pentecostal authors. 

So, here are some more pamphlets and a book from Apostolic authors of yesteryear:

Title: The Titles of Jesus Through the Bible 
Author: Robert Bayer
Publisher: Pen-T-Com, Inc. 
Year: 1977
Description: preface by Mark D. Hanby. The pamphlet alphabetically lists the titles and scriptural references attributed to Jesus in the Bible. When you say Jesus. Jesus in every book of the Bible. 

Title: Jehovah-Jesus: The Supreme God
Author: C. Haskell Yadon
Publisher: ? (Possibly Yadon)
Year: 1952
Description: in the preface, Yadon credits an R. D. Weeks who evidently wrote in 1876 about "the truth of GOD IN CHRIST." Yadon then revised those writings and published this book to set "forth in clearer light our LORD JESUS CHRIST as THE SUPREME GOD, SON OF GOD, and SON OF MAN."

Title: The Hair Question (REVISED)
Author: Murray E. Burr
Publisher: Pentecostal Writers Association
Year: 1965
Description: a pamphlet outlining the biblical teaching on women's hair. 

Title: Preaching With Purpose
Author: Paul Dugas
Publisher: Apostolic Book Publishers, PO Box 03956, Portland, OR 97203*
Year: 1967
Description: a textbook on sermon preparation. 

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