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08 November 2009

The 2009 Original Mantle Conference (video clips)

The 2009 Original Mantle Conference was fantastic: the preaching was timely, revelatory, and uplifting. Every preacher ministered in the flow of the Holy Ghost. I'm posting a video clip of one of the speakers, but you can view some of the others here: Mantle clips.

If you are interested in buying the entire set of 6 conference DVDs, for $60.00, you can call 304-525-4204 to place your order.

Conference Speakers & Sermon Topics:
Pastor Joel Urshan - "The Unleavened Bread of Sincerity and Truth"
Pastor Timothy Rodriquez - "Sarah Had a Tent"
Sis. Kristin Saunders - "Beautiful Binding Ribbons"
Pastor Mike Anderson - "A Rudderless Ship and a Horse Without a Bit"
Pastor Jeff Harpole - "Because God Said So"
Bishop Norman Wagner - Shekinah II: Trapped In Transition"