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17 January 2012

The Corinthians - Bishop E. S. Harper

Bishop E. S. Harper presents: The Corinthians

This is an expository work looking at the instructions of the Apostle Paul to the 1st century church in Corinth as he addressed their successes and challenges. 

If you enjoyed chapter one of this series you can order Part One of The Corinthians (a 15 DVD set) by contacting ALC Media:

 Other sets available by Bishop Harper:

  • Eschatology (a 19 DVD set)
  • The Book of Romans (a 13 DVD set)


Bishop Edwin S. Harper
The son of godly parents, Bishop Edwin S. Harper received a call to preach the Gospel at an early age in the hills of West Virginia. 

 A student of the Word of God, he holds a doctor of divinity, and with his wife, Sharon, has over forty years of pastoral experience.

A dedicated Christian, church builder, loving father, affectionate grandfather, and visionary, his life has been given to reaching all people with the positive message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a gifted writer, a consistent teacher, and an anointed preacher he makes the doctrine of the Word of God simple, tangible, understandable, and livable.