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14 November 2013

Baptism In the Name of the Lord Jesus - William Crowther (1867)

A friend of mine is in the hospital tonight.  He's suffered some severe injuries in an horrific automobile accident. I have been praying for him and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ to heal and restore this husband, father of two boys, chaplain, and Bible scholar.

While thinking and praying for James, I was reminded of a sermon we shared with one another that one of us discovered. To be honest, I don't remember now who found this sermon, so, I'm giving him the credit and posting it here.

Historically, it is an interesting sermon for apostolics to read.
Doctrinally, it is a unique message for oneness pentecostals to consider (although it is problematic).

Please, pray for James Anderson when you read this post. He lives in Mt. Vernon, TX, and he is in need of a miracle.


Sermon: Baptism In the Name of the Lord Jesus
Preacher: William Crowther
Text: Acts 19:5
Delivered: Artillery Street Chapel, London, England
Date: August 27, 1867