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23 January 2014

Edwin E. Kuntzman - Committed To Love

The following link is to a sermon preached by my grandfather, Edwin E. Kuntzman:

Speaker: Edwin Eugene Kuntzman
Title: Committed To Love
Text: John 15:9-17
Location: Zion Tabernacle (Kokomo, IN)
Date: June 2, 1985 (PM)
Media Format: cassette tape
Recorded By: Lawrence Keller

2014 and the word for this year: Change

Somehow, and I don't know how, I missed posting in December.

A new year is here and in 2014 I am hearing one word from the Lord when I pray, "Change." Now, I get the sense that this is good change, and doesn't hold any negative connotations, and while change at first may seem negative, I think it will all turn out for the good. So, enjoy the ride in 2014 and be ready for the Divine Change coming your way.