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15 February 2007

Stephen Kuntzman - Jesus is the Father

Jesus Is the Father
By: Stephen Kuntzman

Recently I was asked the question, "Where does it say in the Bible that Jesus is the Father?" I've thought about that for about a week or two and here are some of my answers to that question.

While I'm certain that there is a trinitarian counterargument, I believe that the prophet Isaiah mentioned a child born and a son given whose name would be called, among other things, Everlasting Father.

Most clear thinking readers and students of the Bible know that this is a messianic prophecy. The Messiah is Jesus. Therefore Jesus is the Everlasting Father.

Another passage says that our Maker is our husband. Paul informs us that we are espoused to one husband - - Christ. Therefore Jesus is the Creator and the Creator is the Father.

Paul also informed us that the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Christ. Therefore when we speak of Jesus we can certainly identify Him as the Father.

The book of Acts informs us that at Paul's initial contact with Jesus on the road to Damascus he spoke to him in the Hebrew language asking "Who art thou Lord," but if he was truly speaking in Hebrew then he would have been asking "who art thou Jehovah," or one of the other names for Jehovah that a Jew was lawful to speak. Jehovah answered, "I am Jesus." Therefore Jesus is the Father because Jehovah is the Father.

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