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30 August 2010

While You're Waiting

I was going about my daily activity recently when this thought entered my mind: “while you are waiting, God is shaping your life.” I believe that this was God's way of speaking to me in that moment. So, bear with me as I try to convey this idea in a clear and concise manner.

Joseph was an immature younger brother and it's possible that he was also a spoiled son doted upon by his father. He had a dream, but he was not ready to receive the fruition of that dream. So, God, in His great wisdom, allowed the 17 year old to be put into precarious situations and he did not see his father until he was 41 years old, at which time his dreams were fully realized. Each trial in Joseph’s life added responsibility and served to increase Joe’s maturity and integrity preparing him for the role he was to play in his dream.

Just as Joseph was not ready, we sometimes find that while we are impatient for fulfillment, we are not quite ready for what God has promised us, or given us in dreams and visions. Therefore, while we are waiting, God is shaping and preparing us to receive the fullness of His promise.

Instead of becoming impatient, we need to learn how to let God shape us. All too often, we can get in the way of God’s plan by allowing the flesh to rise up and prolong the shaping that God’s hand is doing on our inner man as the Great Potter molds us into a vessel that He can use, and if we’re not awfully careful, we can get in the way of the Master’s preparation.

Joseph is a great example to us of one who suffered for his dream, but we read in no passage where he complained or charged God foolishly. In fact, the Word of God indicates twice God’s continued presence even in circumstances where the carnal mind would doubt His proximity (Genesis 39:2 & 21 “…the LORD was with Joseph…”), but Joseph teaches us a principle that will serve us well when our ambition collides with God’s timing.

I admonish you today to trust God in your time of preparation and allow the maturing process to complete its cycle because while you're waiting, God is shaping your life.

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