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04 November 2011

Are You Ready for the Rain?

Right now, while you’re reading this, someone received the Holy Ghost for the first just a few seconds someone else will as well.

In 1999, Pastor Gary Gilley, of Springfield, IL, reported that Pentecostals were “growing at a rate of 13 million a year, or 35,000 a day.”  If this statistic continues to hold true, in the time it takes for a regular scheduled church worship service to begin and end (about 2 hours) around 48 people will have received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time somewhere in the world in those 120 minutes.  Jesus is so good!

Truly we are seeing God’s Word fulfilled as we witness the continued restoration of Apostolic ministry and the unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all mankind (Joel 2:22-30).

We must shake off the lethargy accompanying the satisfaction derived from past moderate outpourings and seek to become part of the Holy Ghost deluge that God is bringing to pass right now.

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