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14 March 2012

Andrew bar David Urshan & Radio

Many of the early Pentecostal pioneers in North America were either immigrants, or the children of immigrants.

Andrew bar David Urshan (1884-1967) was an immigrant from the land of Persia who received the Holy Ghost (with the sign of speaking in tongues) in 1908 and was baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in Russia around 1915.  He claimed to have been baptizing people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as early as 1910, but did not make that claim official until 1919 when he left the Assemblies  of God (trinitarian) to join the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (oneness).

Early Oneness Pentecostals in North America, understood the value of mass communication and used the power of newsletters, newspapers, and radio to spread the message of the Gospel, Acts 2:38, and the Oneness of God.

A. D. Urshan was involved in writing and in broadcasting the message of the Mighty God in Christ.  Below are links to four broadcasts made by A. D. Urshan.  Unfortunately, there is no date available, but it's assumed that the recordings were made sometime in the 1960s.

Please enjoy these recordings of A. D. Urshan teaching on the topic of "The Proper Names of God," or, "God's Glorious Proper Dispensational Names."

5th Message 
5th Message (hotlink)

6th Message
6th Message (hotlink)

7th Message
7th Message (hotlink)

8th Message
8th Message (hotlink)

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