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19 July 2012

N. A. Urshan (1991) - When the Savior Reached Down for Me

I was thinking of N. A. Urshan today and the times I heard him preach (and sing with his wife) at my home church - Zion Tabernacle (Kokomo, IN) - so many years ago now that it seems life a lifetime ago.  Then I went on YouTube and found this clip from the 1991 Because of the Times conference in Alexandria, LA. 

Here's a great song and a great moment of insight in the middle of the clip by a stalwart champion of the faith.

I'm so glad, so glad, I was raised in the home of godly parents who are Christians.  I'm also glad I was raised in and Oneness Pentecostal movement (we are a movement, not a denomination), and that I know what it means to be Apostolic, but I'm at the place now where I'm simply wanting to conform, not to the image and practices of the Apostles, but to the image of Jesus Christ.

I want to be like Jesus and part of that process involves the Savior reaching way down for me, forgiving me, paying for my debt of sin through the power of His name in baptism, filling me with His Holy Spirit, and making me a son of God.

Oh, and thank you, musicmaker85, for uploading the video clip on YouTube.

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