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27 April 2014

He Took the Law In His Own Hands

I always enjoyed hearing Steve Richardson sing his own songs, and he was such a gifted songwriter.

In particular, I love this song...just wish my brother, Phillip Kuntzman, was with me so we could sing it together. :-)

I know this was recorded at the UPCI General Conference, but I don't know when it was recorded.

He Took the Law in His Own Hands
By: Steve Richardson

Verse 1:
Every time a nail was driven deeper in the wound, it signified the law was doomed.
Every time another drop of blood flowed down, it set us all on level ground.
God of Heaven had a reason that was you and I, and even in His dying He did more than die.

He took the law in His own hands.
He took the nails in His own blood and signed redemption’s plan.
And the covenant upon that tree promised grace to you and me.
I praise the Lord for Calvary where Jesus took the law in His own hands.

Verse 2:
Though they tried the innocent He offered His own life, the perfect lamb, the perfect sacrifice.
So the Word fulfilled the law and brought eternal life, He knew the cost and still paid the price.
He who knew no sin became the sin of everyone, and He set us free by shedding His own blood.

I praise the Lord for Calvary where Jesus took the law in His own hands

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